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How can reactionaries criticize free republics for falling apart? Everything reactionaries have ever respected fell apart. Nobody would be a reactionary if their favored configuration of the world hadn’t fallen apart.

Republics are extremely fragile. All the more reason to take devoted care of them (first of all, by protecting them from democracy).

Classical Republicanism is hardly an upstart revolutionary ideology. Insofar as it instantiates apolitical meritocracy — always a challenge, admittedly — it is clearly superior to dynastic rule. The Neocameral idea accepts this clearly, although for reasons that still escape me it is subsequently mystified by royalist rhetorical trappings.



NRX commentary: There´s ‘royalist’ or ‘pseudo-royalist’ and then there´s regal.

Behind the tourist facade of British royalty there is Royal capitalism.

Now in for a return with a redux. Legionnaires, marines.

Merchant glory & mysticism, set sails, sea…


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