sol ipseity

Solipsis (solipsism) is our way. that of the Herme(s)etically sealed.

honestly though, solipsism — from Latin solus “alone, only, single, sole; forsaken; extraordinary,” perhaps related to se “oneself,” from PIE reflexive root *swo– (see so) + Latin ipse “self” — is exactly the Traditioncall it Hermetic, Heathenry, or other names.
this is why our tradition states that if ye become master of your Self, you become the master of the universe. 
sol ipsiety. holos ipsus mannus. 
it is thus more correct to speak of, against those who live more in fancy than the world, of pseudo-solipsists.
the dual-power evola speaks of is the fancy and the worldly. 
i am the alpha and the omega,
the first and the last.

anonyme Says:

Reversibility of the self and the world:

“The question whether things really exist outside of us and as we see them is absolutely meaningless. … The question is almost as absurd as wondering whether blue is really blue, objectively blue”

It is impossible for a being to undergo the effect of some other without that effect being mutual. … Every effect modifies the object that is its cause. There is no dissociation of the subject and the object – nor any original identity – there is only an inextricable reciprocity”

“Everything happens in the world of the self. This self, within which everything unfolds, resembles in this regard the cosmos of physics, to which the self also belongs by which that cosmos appeared mentally in our representation. … So the circle is complete”

(Georg Cristoph Lichtenberg).

[Posted on July 5th, 2016 at 9:26 pm]


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